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Rustins Grain Filler 230g

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Rustins Grain Filler is a paste and has to be thinned with white spirit for use. It has a special feature of variable particle size for exact filling, irrespective of the type of wood to which it is applied.

Use Rustins Grain Filler on wood before finishing to fill pores and prevent sinking of the finish.  The natural shade can be thinned with Rustin's Wood Dye so that filling and staining can be carried out in one operation.

Before applying the filler the wood should be cleaned with white spirit and fine steel wool (grade 0000) to remove any grease or wax. Thin the filler with white spirit to a cream-like consistency and rub hard across the wood with a coarse cloth.  Leave for a short time then remove any surplus filler with a cloth.  It is important to ensure that no filler residue is left on the surface as it will dry hard and have to be sanded off.  

Ideally this filler should be used in temperatures between 15-25°C.  It will keep for a long time if stored in a cool place with the lid tightly sealed.

Available colours:  Mahogany, Natural, Oak, Teak


No. of coats: 1
Coverage: n/a
Drying time: 5-6 hours