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Lakeone Exotic Wood Whitener 1 Litre

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Lakeone Wood Whitener is a powerful single part wood bleach that works in 9 hours, bleaching even the most difficult of timbers such as Rosewood & Mahogany. It can be used to turn red or dark woods to the lightest pine or oak shades and removes most wood stains.  Coverage is approximately 15 square metres per litre.

Before use, clean the timber thoroughly.  Shake the bottle and decant a suitable quantity into a plastic container.  Using a synthetic brush, apply evenly over the complete surface and leave the product to work for 9 hours.  After this time wash the surface thoroughly with water before handling the wood.  If the desired colour has not been achieved then the process will need to be repeated.

Once the correct colour has been achieved and the wood has completely dried, lightly sand the surface before refinishing.  Any unused product should be discarded and not poured back into the original container.

For use on new or bare wood. Not compatible with surfaces that have paint, varnish or oil finishes.

Professional use only.

IMPORTANT:  This product may cause an irritant gas to be released if it comes into contact with certain metals.  Please make sure there are no hidden nails, studs etc in the wood being treated.  Due to the potent nature of the product, suitable gloves, masks and eye protection should be worn.