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Bona Freshen Up 5 Litre

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Freshen Up is a ready to use water-based polyurethane maintenance coating for varnished floors and is suitable for domestic or commercial use, conforming to the EN14904:2006 standard for slip resistance.

It will revive scratched or dull surfaces to give a high gloss newly finished appearance and will protect against wear.  It is suitable for frequent use and being wax-free it allows for the future application of professional varnish.  It is not suitable for floors that have been waxed, oiled or treated with Bona Polish.  As it increases the sheen it is not considered suitable for use on matt or 'natural' finishes if a totally matt surface is to be retained.

To prepare firstly make sure any loose dirt is removed then clean the floor thoroughly with Bona Cleaner and allow the floor to dry completely.  Shake the container and apply Freshen up directly to the floor in a 3-4cm wavy line over a 3m2 section of the floor and spread with an applicator pad.  A thin consistent coat will yield the best results.  Avoid lifting the applicator pad while spreading as this can introduce bubbles.  Do not attempt to work into areas that are beginning to dry as this can result in streaking.

Allow a minimum of 2 hours before using the floor.  Do not replace carpets or furniture or subject the surface to heavy use until the next day.  If needed a second coat can be applied after this time.  Coverage is up to 50m2 per litre.  

Wait until the next day before replacing any furniture or subjecting the floor to heavy use.  Wet cleaning can be resumed after 3 days but avoid using strong alkaline cleaning agents, which have the potential to damage or remove the Freshen Up coating.