Ronseal Ultimate Protection Decking Oil 5 Litre


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Ronseal Ultimate Protection Decking Oil 5 litre provides superior decking protection lasting twice as long as standard decking oils, leaving a natural looking finish which resists mould and algae growth and is rainproof in just 90 minutes.

Its unique formula absorbs deeper into the wood, providing longer lasting durability that is resistant to foot traffic and weather damage.


How To Use Ronseal Ultimate Protection Decking Oil

Before applying, firstly make sure that no rain is likely and that the temperature will remain above 10 degrees C.  If the deck is weathered and greyed then it can be returned to it’s natural colour with Decking Cleaner and Reviver.  

For more information about how to use decking cleaners, how they remove treatments and are best to you use for preparation before applying decking oil, please check out our blog, Getting Your Decking Ready For Summer - Part 1: Clean and Revive.

If it has previously been stained or painted then any previous coating will need to be removed with a Decking Stripper.  This will also need to be used if using a light coloured oil on a deck that previously had a dark colour.  Any bare ends should be treated with an End Grain Protector to prevent moisture getting into the wood.

If a new deck has been pre-treated with basic waterproofing then either remove this with Decking Cleaner and Reviver or simply leave to weather for 6 months.  

Shake the can well and apply with a brush or applicator pad.  Leave for 4 hours before applying the second coat.  The deck will be ready for use 24 hours after the final coat.

We’ve written a blog about things to consider when laying a new deck, how to treat different types of decking and some best practices for when applying a finish. Check it out here.



  • Double the protection of the standard oil
  • Suitable for all decks, Softwood and Hardwoods
  • UV filters prevent sun fading  
  • Low VOC content


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