Barrettine Anti-Slip Clear Decking Oil 5 Litres


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Barrettine Anti-Slip Decking Oil 5L is a high quality decking oil top coat that will prevent slippery decking and provide UV protection all year round. Apply over solvent-based products such as Barrettine All-In-One Decking OilLiberon Decking Oil or Ronseal Nourishing Decking Oil for non slip decking.

The low sheen, clear oil prevents decking greying and resists cracking or flaking, absorbing deep into the wood. Surface biocides in the product also prevent growth of moss and mould.

How To Apply Barrettine Anti-Slip Decking Oil

Shake well before use and during application.  Liberally brush on an even coat in the direction of the wood grain.  One coat is usually sufficient but if a second is needed it can be applied after 12-24 hours.  Leave for up to 72 hours before allowing foot traffic.

Do not apply in temperatures below 5°C, in damp conditions or if rain is expected within 24 hours.  Please note that Barrettine Anti-Slip Decking Oil is not suitable for use as a stand alone product on bare or untreated wood.

We’ve written a blog about things to consider when laying a new deck, how to treat different types of decking and some best practices for when applying a finish. Check it out here.

Coats: 1

Drying time: 12-24 hours

Coverage: up to 17 square metres per litre

Cleaning tools: White Spirit



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